Getting (and giving) a new kind of high

Because you are alive, everything is possible – Thich Nhat Hanh

I’ve got a serious case of ‘giver’s high’.

I’ve just made my first three gifts at, and I can’t believe how good it feels. I’m fizzing. I’m bubbling over with joy!

My first gift was to Trelise. She’s turning eight. She’s asking for donations to the SPCA instead of gifts for herself for her birthday.

My next was to Tracey. She’s a former boss, a mentor, now a business partner, and a wonderful friend. She’s asking for donations to Stand Children’s Services instead of gifts for herself this Christmas. Stand helps to prevent and treat childhood trauma and break cycles of harm. That’s surely worth giving up a few gifts for.

And then I gave to Sue. Sue’s also a former workmate and flatmate, a constant inspiration, the truest of friends, and now also a business-partner. She’s giving her Christmas to the Scouting Opportunity Fund, which helps help young people from families in financial hardship to participate in the Scouts. So cool.

I love that Trelise, Sue and Tracey are doing good with their celebrations, that they’re enabling me to do good with money I would have spent on gifts, that together we’re helping charities who are doing good, and that it all feels so … damned good!

And I love that we made it happen. Sue, Tracey and I.

We created The Good Registry.

Three months ago it was just a kind of crazy idea.

We committed to it, we invested in it, we built the website, we created a brand, we set up and incorporated a charitable trust and a company (together operating as a social good enterprise), we ran a crowd-funding campaign that raised more than $20,000, we signed up 45 charities…  And now we’re launching it.

Our vision is to transform gifting – so when people don’t really want or need gifts for a special event like a birthday, wedding or Christmas, they can simply ask friends and family for donations to a charity they care about instead. We want to make giving simple, to reduce waste and to do lots of good.

And as of today, you can go to and do just that.

From an idea, to a real thing, doing real good in the world, in three months!

Our ideas can become things.

But an idea without a plan is just a wish. And a plan without action is just a dream. How often do we stop at the dream?

Stopping at the dream would have been easy!

Instead, the last three months have been hard. There were plenty of times when I could have said ‘too hard’. I’ve questioned whether taking on this much, this soon, was what my kinder life was about.

But now I’m here, and is a thing, there is no doubt.

I wanted adventure, I wanted to grow, I wanted to scale up the good that I could do in the world.

And now I’m living the dream. It might not be the dream I thought I had – of holidays in Bali and long days at the beach … But as I made those first donations, I felt the absolute joy of giving, and of knowing that I’ve created something that will enable others to feel that joy too.

I had the idea. But I didn’t do it alone. I couldn’t have done it alone. Literally hundreds of people have helped – the 150 people who gave to our crowd funding campaign, the scores of people who have shared their wisdom over coffees and at networking events, the awesome people that have built our website, developed our brand, planned our marketing, helped with our legal work, and of course my co-founders and my fellow Trustees.

And now that we’ve launched a website, we know we still can’t do it alone. A website won’t transform the way we give. Only a community can do that.

I’d love you to be part of that community: help us deliver on our dream; gift for good at The Good Registry; tell others about it; tell us your ideas; offer us your skills or your time.

Why?  Because giving feels so damned good!

And wouldn’t you love a bit of that high?

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