A bit about me and this adventure…

I’ve pushed pause on a busy life this year – I’m experimenting instead with more mindfulness and self-expression, more freedom and more adventure. More aliveness.

I’m not an expert in mindfulness; but an enthusiastic experimenter with an inquiring mind.  All I know is that life feels richer and more satisfying when I make time to meditate, to journal, to think grateful thoughts, or to engage fully, 100 percent present, in anything I’m doing.

I’ve read research reinforcing that practicing being more mindful makes me healthier, calmer, more creative and self-aware, even smarter and more ‘successful’. But, like so many others, I get stuck.

My default is to fill my days with activity, rush through on autopilot, multi-task, people-please, over-think, self-censure and fall into bed with a head full of chatter at the end of the day. (Sound like anyone else you know?!)

So this year I’ve taken a stand for living differently – for living each day with intention and gratitude, and making time for meditation,  creativity, reflection, self awareness and growth. It’s my kinder life, and it’s going to be quite an adventure.

I’m experimenting and learning as I go, finding out more what works and what doesn’t, what gets in the way for my kinder life and how to overcome that.

I look forward to sharing what I experience and learn with you, so that it might help you too.

Thank you so much for being here with me.

Yours in mindful adventures,

Christine 🙂