Gratitude that is felt but not shared is like a gift that has been wrapped but never given. I’m immensely grateful to everyone who is part of my kinder life, and I’d especially like to thank some very special supporters:

  • Thank you Fran Drager of Designfetti, for generously designing the branding for my kinder life, which is perfect and wonderful and makes me so happy.
  • Thank you Mike Heydon of Jet Productions, for generously taking my awesome profile photos, and making sure my smile was on and my hair was in place.
  • Thank you Danusia Wypych for your generous support and coaching, keeping me on track and always calling out the ‘BS’. (Officially my kinder life’s ‘Chief BS Radar’)
  • Thank you Megan Salole of Genius You for your inspiring mindset menotoring, which nudged me in the ribs at just the time and in all the right places.
  • And thank you to all my wonderful friends and family who daily support me, encourage me and teach me. I appreciate all of your words of wisdom – which will now doubt be turning up here :-).